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BOOK, Music & LYRICS BY: by Jim Jacobs & Warren Casey


AUDITIONS:  May 1st & 2nd 2017

SHOW DATES: JULY 8,9,14,15,16,21,22,23,28,29,30 & Aug 4.5,6, 2017

Get out your leather jackets & poodle skirts take a trip to a simpler time of  drive-ins & rock & roll.  Danny and Sandy fall for each other during a carefree summer fling. But when the school year begins, Danny is torn between his feelings for good-girl Sandy and his image with the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies. Including your favorite songs: “Summer Nights,” “Greased Lightnin'”, “We Go Together and many more.” Throw your mittens around your kittens and away we go! GREASE is the Word!


Caught in the Net

WRITTEN BY: Ray Cooney


AUDITIONSJULY 11 & 12, 2017

SHOW DATES:  SEPT 9,10,15,16,17,22,23,24, 2017

The sequel to Run for Your Wife finds the bigamist taxi driver John Smith still keeping his two families in different parts of London, both happy & blissfully unaware of each other. However, his teenage children, a girl from one family & a boy from the other, have met on the Internet & are anxious to meet in person since they have so much in common name, surname and taxi driving dad! Keeping them apart plunges John into a hell hole of his own making. The situation spirals out of control as John juggles outrageously with the truth.


Exit Laughing

WRITTEN BY: Paul Elliott


AUDITIONS:  SEPTEMBER  11 & 12, 2017

SHOW DATES: Oct.28,29 & Nov.3,4,5,10,11,12, 2017

When the biggest highlight in your life for the past 30 years has been your weekly bridge night out with the “girls,” what do you do when one of your foursome inconveniently dies? If you’re Connie, Leona and Millie, three southern ladies from Birmingham, you do the most daring thing you’ve ever done. You “borrow” the ashes from the funeral home for one last card game, and the wildest, most exciting night of your lives involves a police raid, a stripper and a whole new way of looking at all the fun you can have when you’re truly living.


Seussical the Musical

WRITTEN BY: Stephan Flaherty & Lynn Ahrens

DIRECTED BY: Cameron Harris

AUDITIONS:  Sept. 18 & 19, 2017

SHOW DATES: Dec. 2,3,8,9,10,15,16,17, 2017

Horton hears a noise coming from a speck of dust on a clover and commits himself to protecting it and the Whos who live on it; Jojo,  a misfit Who who “doesn’t Think normal Thinks,” struggles to find his  place in the tiny Who society; Gertrude McFuzz tries to catch the attention of her love – the kind and compassionate Horton. Through mishaps and adventures, these unique characters finally find what they seek – their places in their world.


Night of January 16th


DIRECTED BY:  Candy Kane

AUDITIONS:  Dec. 5 & 6, 2017

SHOW DATES:  FEB 3,4,9,10,11,16,17,18, 2018

The Night of January 16th” takes place entirely in a courtroom during a murder trial. It is the suspenseful drama about the rise and destruction of a brilliant and ruthless man. Guilty or Innocent your decide.  Members of the audience are selected each night to take on the role of the jury. Relying on character testimony, you will vote on whether the “defendant” was guilty or not guilty. With endless possibilities we ask the question how does it end?


Moon Over Buffalo

WRITTEN BY: Ken Lugwig

DIRECTED BY:   Hedley Duncan


SHOW DATES: APRIL 7,8,13,14,15,20,21 & 22, 2018

A beloved & wacky backstage comedy. Two aging stars of stage, George and Charlotte Hay, husband and wife, have been reduced to playing Cyrano de Bergerac & Private Lives with a cast of five. But they have one last chance to get to Broadway with the anticipated visit of famous director Frank Capra. Their grown daughter Rosalind has brought her fiancée to demonstrate the value of a regular life but she realizes she’s still in love with stage manager Paul. Add Ethel’s nearly deaf and George-hating mother to round out the mayhem.