~ Auditions ~


Seussical The Musical

Written by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty

September 30, October 1 & 2, 2014 at 7:00 PM


Directed by Cameron Harris

Musical Direction by Stephanie Santos

Choreographed by Jeff Hemerling

Performance Dates: December 4 – 7, 2014

Casting the roles of:

Gertrude McFuzz – Range: F3 – F5 Female, Stage age: 20-30 years old Horton’s one-feathered-tail bird neighbor. Gertrude is sweet and timid. Though kind and loyal, she is also self-conscious of her shortfalls.

JoJo – Range: Ab3 – C5 Male or Female, Stage age: 8 -12 years old The Mayor’s son or daughter, he/she is a Who that is always finding trouble. Bright, creative, and inadvertently mischievous. Possesses a wildly expansive imagination and finds solace in his friendship with Horton.

Mayzie Labird – Range: G3 – Eb5 Female, Stage age: 20 – 40 years old The most beautiful bird in all of the jungle. Oblivious to her self-centered ways, she relies on her talent of manipulation, and intoxicating beauty, to navigate her way through life.

The Sour Kangaroo – Range: F#3 – F5, Stage age: 25 – 40 years old The ‘leader’ of the jungle. She is loud, brassy, and stubbornly set in her ways. A caring mother, but unabashedly sassy and soulful

Mrs. Mayor – The Mayor’s wife, Jojo’s mother

Mr. Mayor – The Mayor of Whoville, Jojo’s Father

General Genghis Khan Schmitz – The general of the Whos’ military. He leads Jojo to war against the Butter-Side-Downers. May play Yertle The Turtle and Vlad Vladikoff.

The Wickersham Brothers (3) - Mischievous monkeys who steal Horton’s clover from him. They work as henchmen for the Sour Kangaroo.

The Bird Girls (3) - The Bird Girls are a type of Greek chorus who are Mayzie’s friends. They act as the narrators when the Cat in the Hat is not around. Very powerful singing abilities!

Yertle The Turtle – Yertle is the judge of the jungle, appearing at the beginning of the show and in “People vs Horton the Elephant”

Vlad Vladikoff – A cameo role. He is hired by the Sour Kangaroo to steal Horton’s clover. Due to his cameo role, he may also be in the ensemble.

The Whos (3 males, 3 females) – Citizens of Whoville, idealistic citizens of a “pleasantville”-type town. Also included in this category are The Cadets, boys in Schmitz’s military.

The Jungle Creatures (2 males, 2 females) – Flexible movers who appear as dancers and singers in jungle scenes. May be played by Wickersham Brothers and Bird Girls.

~ Coming Soon ~


Our Lady of the Tortilla

Written by Luis Santeiro

Directed by Candy Kane

November 1 – 23, 2014


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